From some distant shore…

Seen on the beach at Ha’ena State Park; Kauai, Hawaii:

From some distant shore

I’ll freely admit that I posed my model in this shot — we found it laying in the sand a few feet away from where I took this shot.  I thought it’d make an interesting composition, so moved it over to this one little footprint-free patch of sand and waited for the sun to peek out through the overcast.  I love the look of a “castaway” coconut, trying to make a life in its new home.  I’m still debating whether I shouldn’t have brushed the sand off the coconut husk, though…

Make a lovely face, Roxanne

In spite of fitful weather, we headed downtown yesterday for the 2012 Denver Chalk Art Festival. This was one of our favorites (reminds me of our kiddo’s response to a camera):

Make a lovely face, Roxanne

Normally the weather’s pretty cooperative by this time of year — it’s generally hot, but dry. This year, for some reason, we’ve had alternating hot & dry / cool & wet weather for the past few weeks. Saturday night, we got nailed by some fast-moving thunderstorms.

So most of the chalk artists lost Saturday’s work (in full or in part), and had to do major repairs on Sunday. Pretty impressive for a day’s work, I’d say…


Another shot from the incomparable Filoli Gardens in the San Francisco bay area:


I don’t know just who left the blooms in the birdbath, but it was a nice touch. On a rainy day, it was a welcome spot of color in the shade…


As the saying goes, if you’re looking for a photographic subject, and don’t see anything in your surroundings — look up / look down!


This is a shot of a chandelier in a ballroom at Filoli Gardens south of San Francisco. I didn’t *quite* get things centered (I was in a crowd, so couldn’t do my usual stunt of laying on the floor for this shot), but I still like the symmetry…


If you’re about ready for a little break from all things Maya, here’s a shot from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science — it’s of a miniature carving (roughly 10″ tall) by Vasily Konovalenko titled “Painter:”


If you’re wondering why miniature sculpture is in a natural history museum, it’s because Konovalenko’s carvings are entirely made from gemstones. Here’s this little guy’s bill of materials from the placard:

Shoes: black jasper

Pants: jasper

Shirt: lapis

Apron: white jasper

Hat: jasper

Face & Hands: jasper

Eyes: sapphire

Floor: agate

Bucket: petrified wood, cacholong

Brush: agate, amethyst quartz


On a trip through Glacier National Park, we ran across a stack of small thin rocks that someone had made near one of the visitors’ centers:


Maybe it was built on a lark by one person, maybe it was the product of many individuals as they passed through. Just the same, it was a nice bit of whimsy to find in the middle of a long road trip…


A few months back, we took a trip out to Ohio to visit some of my wife’s relatives. One of the places we stopped in at was Lehman’s — a sundries store in the heart of Amish country, aiming to serve those that choose simpler lifestyles. Apparently they’ve hit on something, because the place is HUGE.

Anyway, I thought this was an interesting line-up:


I wouldn’t have thought of bells as being a big draw, but Lehman’s got a bunch of them in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I guess if you don’t use electricity (much less the internet)…