Policies / Legalities

Privacy Policy
Just to make sure everybody knows where I stand on this, I collect no data on any visitors to the site.  I use no plug-ins that track visitors, either.  There are just three items of interest:

  1. WordPress (the software underlying this and many other blogs) automatically collects traffic statistics — data on what pages are seen when, where visitors are coming from, etc.  None of this contains any personally-identifiable information.
  2. I maintain a mailing list for people that are interested in my eBooks.  This is an opt-in thing, so you have to go out of your way to be on it — and you can request to get off it at any time.
  3. I occasionally use affiliate links in my posts — this helps me pay for site hosting, and doesn’t cost you any more when you follow a link to purchase something.


All images and blog posts on this site are Copyright 2010 – 2021 © Seldom Scene Photography, All Rights Reserved.  If you’d like to purchase or license any of them, please just contact me — I’m reasonable about terms for this sort of thing.