I’ve written a series of eBooks — guides to photography at particular Maya ruins. If you’re headed to Mesoamerica with photography in mind, spending just a few dollars on one of these eBooks (each title costs less than $5) can make your trip more worthwhile. They’ll help you…

  • Decide which sites to visit
  • Prepare for your visit to a site (what to take, what to leave at home)
  • Better understand the significance of what you’re seeing
  • Sort out your photographs once you get home with them

Along with saving time and effort, you could easily save far more money than you’d spend on all of these eBooks combined.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as a particularly serious photographer, these guides contain the most comprehensive information on any given ruin available in a single place — a bounty of help you can’t otherwise easily get before you walk the ruins yourself.

Purchase of an eBook also gives you access to a corresponding page on this site with special supplemental content. You’ll get links to related online material, downloadable images for computer or iPad wallpaper, and an editable “shot list” with maps and structure images (a useful alternative to carrying an eBook reader with you in the ruins).

Click on any of the links below for more information on that particular eBook title.

Available now:

Map of the ruins

In work and coming soon:

Other Maya material by Seldom Scene Photography

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