Fall colors

A little scene, captured along highway 82 in Colorado, west of Twin Lakes on the road to Aspen:

Fall colors

A fun little story goes along with this shot. The landowner where I spotted this scene has the cleared part of his / her land set up picture-perfect, almost as if to invite photography. Old barn, old windmill, old tractor — it’s all there just waiting for a “calendar shot.” When we slowed down so I could grab a few shots, someone was already parked in the driveway. I pulled alongside him, and he left — to be replaced about 30 seconds later by another visitor. After I was done shooting, yet another photog took my place.

If the landowner set out a tip jar, they could collect some serious cash (more if they had pre-signed property release forms)!

Turtles all the way down

I haven’t antiqued any photos for months (if not years), so while I was playing around with black and white conversions I thought I should indulge myself and give a shot from Uxmal the full aging treatment:

Turtles all the way down

This is the House of Turtles, so named because of the little turtle figurines decorating the top of the walls.

Thanks, Seven by Five!

If you haven’t run across it yet, there’s a good online photo magazine out there called “Seven by Five.” Along with photographer profiles, and helpful how-to articles, they also have weekly and monthly photo contests based on contributions to their Flickr group.

This past week’s theme was “Money” — so I contributed one of my older shots (at the time, I’d had a DSLR for all of 7 months) called “Ka-ching!” In terms of technique, I could do a better job with this shot today — but I still like it a lot.


Anyway, lucky me — this shot was one of the 17 that they picked for their weekly shout out. Thanks, gang!