At full size, this is a (free) iPad wallpaper — but thought I’d put it up here too, just for show:


If you’d like this on your iPad, just click on the image to get to its Flickr page — you can downlink the 1024×1024 wallpaper image from there. FWIW, this is a slightly-stylized version of last night’s sundown, shot with my iPhone.

The start of a new tradition

Once upon a time, I thought an “easy” way to sell some of my photography would be by way of iPad and iPhone wallpaper. But it turns out I really don’t have a lot of time to devote to learning how to program for the iPad, and besides there are a lot of free wallpapers out there.

And it’s hard to compete with free.

So my current plan is to find some other way to help pay for my photographic equipment, and just give away iPad and iPhone wallpaper. I’m going to give away one piece of wallpaper each week — and it’s free both as in beer (no cost) and as in speech (do what you want with it, within Creative Commons limits).

Glass block back-lit

Here’s the first free wallpaper (click on it to get to the Flickr page where you can download the full-size image). It’s a backlit shot of a glass block (part of an art installation) at a local light rail station.