A day 2 respite

Day 2 on the Inca Trail was (as you’ve likely gathered) quite a workout.  Folks on this trek got a longer-than-usual break at the end of day 2, so we can take a break here as well — don’t you think?

Urubamba sunset

First, a sunset view to the east from the camp site at Paq’aymayo.  Yes, east — since the view to our west was of a mountainside, and on that evening, one shrouded in clouds.  To the east, though, we had a view under the cloud layer to the Urubamba mountain range as the day’s light worked its way up the peaks.

Next, a view of the stars (and mountains) to our west once the sun had set and clouds cleared away.  Lacking any light pollution, it’s quite the view!

Andean stars