Hana surf

A bit of soothing surf to help get you over the mid-work-week “hump” (direct link):

This short video clip is from a beach in Wai‘ānapanapa State Park near Hana, Hawaii.  It’s a long drive from anywhere else on the island of Maui — but not nearly as difficult a drive as the souvenir T-shirts would have you believe (just twisty and narrow, so take your time).  The pay-off is a series of black sand beaches and some beautiful views — but wear insect repellent, we got back to our hotel with arms and legs covered by bites!

From some distant shore…

Seen on the beach at Ha’ena State Park; Kauai, Hawaii:

From some distant shore

I’ll freely admit that I posed my model in this shot — we found it laying in the sand a few feet away from where I took this shot.  I thought it’d make an interesting composition, so moved it over to this one little footprint-free patch of sand and waited for the sun to peek out through the overcast.  I love the look of a “castaway” coconut, trying to make a life in its new home.  I’m still debating whether I shouldn’t have brushed the sand off the coconut husk, though…

Past that rocky shore

Taken from Muir Beach toward the southeast — a bit of San Francisco’s in there somewhere…

Past that rocky shore

On our “spring break” trip to the bay area, we wound up having gray and rainy weather most of our stay (surprise!). So photographically, there was little to do but make the best of the situation.

Since we had time to linger a bit at Muir Beach, it managed to put my Blue & Gold polarizer to use in this shot — helps give things a suitably noir feel.