Seen some hard times

We ran across this guy at Taos Pueblo in New Mexico — apparently nobody actually keeps dogs as family pets, so a half dozen or so dogs just wander around as strays / community pets. Judging by his left eye, this one got in a scuffle recently.

Seen some hard times...

It took me some tinkering in Aperture before I got happy with this shot — it just looks better to me as a pseudo-antique than as a full color image.

Waiting for the season

While we were driving around in Newfoundland, we saw something very foreign to U.S. eyes — the use of highway frontage for family storage (in some spots, gardens too). We didn’t see this in Novia Scotia, so maybe it’s a uniquely “newfie” thing?

Along one stretch of the highway on the west coast of Newfoundland, there were a few miles over which nearly all the dirt roads running off the highway were lined with idle lobster traps.

Waiting for the season

Apparently depletion of the local stocks means that the lobster season is very short — something like a week out of the year. As a result, people have to do something with the traps for 90+% of the time. Roadside seems to work…

It was a gray, overcast day — so the full-color version of this didn’t do much for me. I like the sepia, though. Brings out the texture in the weathered wood.