Farewell committee

Near the end of our recent trip to Washington, D.C., we’d done a big drive down through Virginia to see some old plantations. Rather than drive around the bulk of the Charles river in order to get back to our hotel, we opted to take the Jamestown ferry to get across the river to Williamsburg. As we left the Virginia shore, these two watched the show:

Farewell committee

The pier and gulls are maybe a bit darker than I’d like, but I love how the water bokeh came out. What do you think?

Just hanging out…

When my daughter and I walked through the Phoenix zoo a few weeks back, we were greeted by one of the locals. I don’t know what (s)he was trying to tell us (“go away?” “bring sugar-water next time?”), but for a while it kept chattering around us.

Just hanging out...

At least the little critter was content to sit still on a branch for a bit so I could capture its portrait.