The Sentinel

Seen (and heard) in the parking lot of the Many Glaciers Hotel in Glacier National Park, Montana:

The Sentinel

This little guy was putting on quite the territorial display for us — making all sorts of noise to let us know that this was *HIS* parking lot. Of course, he chickened out when I got within about 20 feet of him, so I had to use a little focal length to get a decent shot of him.

Seen some hard times

We ran across this guy at Taos Pueblo in New Mexico — apparently nobody actually keeps dogs as family pets, so a half dozen or so dogs just wander around as strays / community pets. Judging by his left eye, this one got in a scuffle recently.

Seen some hard times...

It took me some tinkering in Aperture before I got happy with this shot — it just looks better to me as a pseudo-antique than as a full color image.

Farewell committee

Near the end of our recent trip to Washington, D.C., we’d done a big drive down through Virginia to see some old plantations. Rather than drive around the bulk of the Charles river in order to get back to our hotel, we opted to take the Jamestown ferry to get across the river to Williamsburg. As we left the Virginia shore, these two watched the show:

Farewell committee

The pier and gulls are maybe a bit darker than I’d like, but I love how the water bokeh came out. What do you think?

Just hanging out…

When my daughter and I walked through the Phoenix zoo a few weeks back, we were greeted by one of the locals. I don’t know what (s)he was trying to tell us (“go away?” “bring sugar-water next time?”), but for a while it kept chattering around us.

Just hanging out...

At least the little critter was content to sit still on a branch for a bit so I could capture its portrait.


Can you call a squabble a territorial dispute when it takes place on water? At any rate, we were headed out of the Phoenix zoo when we saw these two trying to settle boundary issues with each other:


In the end, one of them turned tail and swam off, with the winner in pursuit.


A border collie gets lined up to catch a frisbee in the “Superdogs” presentation at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado:


I like this shot, but it absorbed far more time for post-processing than I anticipated. Let me count the ways:

1) The event center where “Superdogs” took place was lit far more dimly than I expected, so I had to shoot at 1600 ISO (noise galore in the original image).

2) Given the pace at which the events took place, I spent much of my time shooting in “continuous” mode so I could pick a starting image that both had a survivable amount of motion blur, as well as had workable composition (i.e., you could see both the dog and the frisbee). Note that due to the lighting, I was able to take few images at faster than 1/80 second.

3) There was still “too much dirt” for my taste in the best starting image, so I used a little Photoshop (Elements) trickery to reduce the vertical space between dog and disk.

So a couple of hours of work later, here you have it. I’m still wondering if I shouldn’t have removed even more space in the middle, but I like this result (for now…).