This is my first decent attempt at a shot using a lot of motion blur


On our trip to the Canadian Maritimes last summer, one stop was at New Brunswick’s Hopewell Rocks. The setup is pretty handy — there’s a big parking lot, a nice visitor center, and a trail down to the shoreline. But let’s say the weather’s wet and cold (as it was for us), and some members of your party don’t want to walk all the way back to the car (ditto).

Well, they have a shuttle service (costs a few dollars) that will take you back and forth in a little train of cars. But as luck had it, the shuttle wasn’t running too frequently when we visited — so we hitched a ride on the back of a ranger’s vehicle. Sort of a cross between an ATV and a golf cart, it got up to maybe 25 miles/hour on the dirt service road. We were hanging on for dear life, my 7 year old was laughing hysterically the whole way, and I got this shot looking back down the road.


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  1. well, it seems both of you had fun in that ride.. nice work catching this scene and sharing it with us.. 🙂 great shot! 🙂

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