Turning in to Hobby

A few months back, I saw a neat long-exposure shot taken out the window of a landing aircraft. The idea was that the city lights silhouetted the aircraft’s wing in a nice, abstract sort of smear.

On a recent trip, I was flying in to Houston’s Hobby Airport at night and happened to have a window seat. So I figured — what the heck, might as well try it myself. Here’s the best of about a dozen shots I took:

Turning in to Hobby

Pretty decent, but as you can see, the light streaks are pretty wiggly — I had only my hands to brace the camera (my omnipresent P&S) against the window. I’ll have to get in the habit of carrying a cheap little table tripod too. Just a slight improvement in the rigidity of my “mount” would likely have resulted in a nicer shot (a word to the wise).

4 thoughts on “Turning in to Hobby

  1. that sounds like a neat thing to try out! this one came out pretty nice.. thanks for sharing! ;D

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