Hilo patina

If you’ve been following my Flickr stream, you’ve likely noticed that I’ve started a habit / tradition of uploading textures on Tuesdays — since I’ve used other peoples’ “free” (Creative Commons Licensed) textures for tinkering with layers in Photoshop, it’s my way of giving back to the community.

Hilo patina 1

Anyway, I normally upload quite a few more shots to Flickr than to this blog — the idea being that blog images are the ones with more interesting stories behind them.

Hilo patina 2

I haven’t really uploaded a texture shot with a good story before, so this is the first time I’ve put texture images on the blog (click on an image in this post to get to the respective full-size version on Flickr if you’d like to download one).

Hilo patina 3

As you’ve likely guessed from the post title, these shots come from Hilo, Hawaii. True enough. You might also recall the old advise that if you’re looking for a different perspective with a shot, or looking for something interesting that might surprise you, you need to look up and down? That’s precisely how I found these. Here:

The patina source

Look up!

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  1. i haven’t quite gotten used to the idea of layering textures yet.. but will keep these ones just in case.. ;D thanks, man.. 🙂

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