eBook review — Craft and Vision’s “Finding Focus”

FINDING_FOCUS_newrelease_coverspread_550.pngEvery month, the folks at Craft & Vision release another title in their fine series of photography eBooks. This month’s contribution was just released today —┬áit’s Finding Focus: Understanding the Camera’s Eye, by Nicole S. Young. As you might expect from the title, this eBook is a top-to-bottom discussion of the use of focus in photography. It’s comprehensive, and doesn’t assume you know very much of the subject (which has its pros and cons, obviously, depending on where you’re at photographically-speaking).

Finding Focus costs $5 for a PDF with 36 (double-width) pages, full of explanatory text and plenty of helpful example images. It covers the following topics:

  • Aperture
  • Depth of field
  • Lens compression (of the subject’s apparent depth)
  • Tilt-shift lenses
  • Related camera functions (pre-focus, DOF preview, etc.)
  • How to focus (for portraits, landscapes, etc.)
  • Focus & storytelling
  • Software (focus stacking, adding blur, etc.)
  • Common mistakes

The eBook’s coverage of focus is technical and comprehensive, but given the nature of its subject, may be a bit basic for some people. From my perspective, Finding Focus will likely be more useful for a beginner or beginner / intermediate photographer than for a more advanced shooter. That being said, it’s a well put-together eBook if it answers a need for you. I have only one complaint about this title: example images are labeled with their EXIF data, but many of the labels don’t include the focal length used (for shots taken with a zoom lens). This is an odd oversight, given that telephoto compression of a scene is part of the ground this title covers.