Waiting for the light to go out

So, with about half of North America, I plan on driving to the path of totality for the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse on August 21.  I was originally going to write up some tutorial information on this, but since so much of it is already available, I thought it best to primarily link to the sites I think are most helpful.

General background (the science of eclipses, etc.):

Great American Eclipse (on timeanddate.com)
Wikipedia’s article on the Solar eclipse of August 21, 2017
NASA’s Eclipse 2017
NSO’s (National Solar Observatory) prediction of the Solar Corona shape on 8/21
Why You Must See the August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse
An Observer’s Guide to Viewing the Eclipse
Solar Eclipses for Beginners
Stages of a Solar Eclipse
The Geometry and Physics Behind the Great American Eclipse, added 8 Aug., 2017

Eclipse safety:

Observing Solar Eclipses Safely (Mr. Eclipse)
Eye Safety During a Total Solar Eclipse (NASA)

Travel help:

Map of predicted highway traffic density in the eclipse path
Two Minutes of Darkness with 20,000 Strangers (FiveThirtyEight), added 7 Aug., 2017
Xavier Jubier’s excellent interactive eclipse Google map
NASA interactive eclipse path map

Photographing a solar eclipse:

Solar Eclipse Photography, Part 1 (Mr. Eclipse)
Solar Eclipse Photography, Part 2 (Mr. Eclipse)
Solar Eclipse Photography, Part 3 (Mr. Eclipse)
Solar Eclipse Photography, Part 4 (Mr. Eclipse)
How to Photograph a Solar Eclipse (Mr. Eclipse)
Photographing the Eclipse (Eclipse2017.org)
How to Photograph the Solar Eclipse (Dave Reneke)
How to Photograph a Solar Eclipse (Nikon / Fred Espenak)
How to Photograph the Total Solar Eclipse (Adorama)
Ten Tips for the Solar Eclipse (Alan Dyer)
Ten Tips for Practicing for the Solar Eclipse (Alan Dyer)
How to Shoot Solar Eclipse Images and Videos (AAS)
Observing and Photographing the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse (Jerry Lodriguss)
Shutter Speed Calculator for Solar Eclipses (Xavier Jubier)