A funny thing happened in Pro Capture mode…

Quite a few people have been posting the photos they’ve taken of moving things (birds, athletes, race cars) using their Olympus E-M1II cameras in what’s called “Pro Capture” mode.  Basically, Pro Capture on the E-M1II brings to Olympus what only a handful of cameras have had to date — the ability to buffer in-camera some frames before the photographer presses the shutter button all the way down.

Given the normal delay in human reflexes, this sort of feature allows a photographer to capture a decisive bit of action, even if they mash down on the shutter a bit late.  Lacking race cars or even many birds to try this out on, I was lucky to have a rodeo to work with.  The bottom line is that Pro Capture worked well in the vast majority of photos I made — but a few frames concern me.

Here’s the problem — on occasion, one frame out of a set taken with Pro Capture shows a “bar” of over-exposure.  Out of roughly 1000 frames, I saw this phenomenon on 6 — here (SOOC, aside from scaling) they are:


A contact in an Olympus-oriented discussion group on Facebook explained the situation to me.  Apparently stadiums now come equipped with whole-house flash systems — “official” photographers can trigger this when they take their photos (but apparently their use is not terribly noticeable to most people sitting in the stands).  The “bands” in my 6 frames are accidental captures of this flash system in use.