Waiting for a break in the weather

Life’s been a bit busy for us lately, but we managed to run off into the mountains for a little R&R over the July 4th extended weekend.  One of our stops was the neat little ghost town of Ashcroft, near Aspen.  On our way through the sights, my daughter alerted me to this little hummingbird perched on an old bit of wood.

Waiting for a break in the weather

Fortunately for me, this little guy was very patient on his perch — alert and watchful, but never startling or making any apparent move to fly off.

For a bit of perspective, here’s what his spot looked like with a slightly wider angle:

The perch

He was on the top of the façade of the old town Post Office — so, a safe distance from us ground-dwellers.  Still, I’m not used to the luxury of time when photographing hummingbirds.  I think he would have sat for me if I’d photographed him for another 5 or 10 minutes.