eBook review — Portraits of Earth: An Introduction to Landscape Photography

Every few weeks, the folks atCraft & Vision release another title in their fine series of photography eBooks. Their latest contribution was just released today — it’s Portraits of Earth: An Introduction to Landscape Photography, by David duChemin. As you might expect from the title, this eBook is a thorough discussion of landscape photography. And given that David cut his photographic teeth (so to speak) as a portrait photographer, it also makes sense that the eBook to some degree chronicles the learning process he went through in applying what he knew of portraiture to the world of landscapes.


Here’s a quick overview of the eBook’s sections:

  • Gear — lenses, tripods, filters
  • Light — soft, dramatic, reflected, side, warm vs. cool, mixed sources
  • Line — composition, leading lines, etc.
  • Land — scouting tricks, visual scale, finding a new angle
  • Water — tips and tricks, safety, scale
  • Snow — metering, white balance, condensation, capturing snowfall
  • Details — macro landscapes

Along with its text, Portraits of Earth includes images from all seven continents, taken from 2009 through 2012. And all its images are presented with their EXIF data, so along with composition ideas, you can gain a wealth of practical knowledge from each.


While the title is billed as “An Introduction to Landscape Photography,” it goes into significant depth and is a worthwhile read for even experienced photographers and is a fantastic value for $5 — you get a DRM-free PDF eBook with 62 (double-width) pages, full of explanatory text and a wealth of helpful example images.