A bit of ancient royal propaganda on the north face of the Palace at the ruins of Palenque in Chiapas, Mexico:


This stucco is a bit tricky to get a good image of — you can’t get near it (for its own sake), and other parts of the structure it’s on block your view from ground level. So you need to work from a distance with a long lens.

I used Topaz Adjust to bring out the colors and structure a bit in this shot.

7 thoughts on “Stuccoed

  1. Are the remnants of colour preserved from the original construction. I assume on the north side of the structure they would be protected from UV fading?

    • Actually, this stucco is on the east face of the Palace (and it’s pretty well faded). When I get home tonight I’ll upload an “untweaked” version of the image so you can see how much I had to work on the image in order to make the colors visible.

  2. Thanks for posting the ‘untweaked’ image. I am amazed at how much colour is still in the original. I have yet to see any remains of paint in any of the belizean sites I have visited.

  3. Awesome! This “stucco structure” is really beautiful. I hope this will get longer into its original beauty…

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