House of the Cenote

At the ancient Maya ruins of Tulúm, México:

Tulúm's House of the Cenote

This was a tricky shot to get — bright sky above, and (dark, cave-like) cenote below. It didn’t turn out well as a multi-image HDR, for some odd reason — but tweaking a single image and running HDR on that did the trick. Amazingly, the structure at the top still has some of its original (500+ year old) plaster, in spite of being close to the cliff’s edge and the Caribbean.

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2 thoughts on “House of the Cenote

  1. The picture of ancient Maya ruins is very interesting. It is because I really admired the architecture of the Mayan civilization. I wish I could be able to visit Tulúm, México to see this ancient structure. Thanks for sharing awesome shot of the structure.

  2. i just like how you captured how it’s built precariously on this cave like formation.. very nice shot..

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