Still life with pinhole

So yesterday, April 25, was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day — I thought I’d contribute a shot using my Lensbaby Composer and its pinhole / zone plate optic:

Still life with pinhole

This is a shot of some flowers on our dining room table — the exposure took forever (OK, 20 seconds) since the pinhole has an effective aperture of f/177. It also needed some serious noise filtering, since sensor artifacts really start showing up on long exposures like this. Still, I like the dreamy, abstract sort of look that it gives the shot.

Just for fun, I also used the zone plate (f/19) function of the optic on the same scene — far dreamier:

Zoneplate flowers

So which do you like better?

BTW, once it’s been reviewed by the powers-that-be, my pinhole submission will be on display as part of the WWPD 2010 gallery here.

One thought on “Still life with pinhole

  1. oh, i heard about that.. didn’t have the time and patience to conjure something as intricate as that one though.. 😀 this looks great.. i wish you luck on your submission.. 😉

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