Waikiki evening

On our recent Hawaii trip, we spent the better part of an evening wandering around the beach at Waikiki. Mostly I was hoping to get a good sunset shot (the previous night, the sunset was gorgeous — but I was on a bus headed to our hotel from the airport and couldn’t get a shot of it), but I figured I should make good use of the opportunity while I was waiting. In this one, you can just make out the silhouette of one person walking deeper into the water:

Waikiki evening

BTW, I never did get my sunset shot — night after night, the clouds wound up blowing in just in time to block the view.

2 thoughts on “Waikiki evening

  1. too bad you missed that one on the first day.. but at least you were able to get this one.. 🙂 nice shot.. 🙂

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