Just fast enough

Dinosaur National Monument includes a very nice driving tour of some historic sites — including ancient petroglyphs.  I was hiking along a short trail to see one of the petroglyph sites, when I came around a corner and came face-to-face with this little guy:

Just fast enough

As you can see, he once had a close escape from a predator that took a bite out of one ear.  Needless to say, he was pretty wary with me — luckily I already had a long lens on my Oly E-M1, so got this shot of him at 150mm (300mm equivalent in 35mm frame terms).

If you’re wondering about the framing — yes, I meant to compose this shot with the rabbit facing out of the near side of the frame.  He was on the side of the trail when I met him, and I wanted to show the tension that came with a subject I knew was about to run from me.  True to form, he shot off into the bushes no more than a second after I made this image of him.

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