Things that are, and that are to come…

Just a quick update about the Maya ruins eBooks (if you haven’t purchased a title, and aren’t interested in getting one in the future, feel free to tune out now…).

I’m doing the final edits on the Calakmul eBook — I expect to release it within the next week to Amazon and Smashwords; it usually takes another week or two in order to get on the shelves at Apple (iBooks), Sony, Barnes & Noble, etc. Calakmul is big, but poorly documented (since it’s really only been excavated relatively recently), so I’ve had to do an unusual amount of research in order to pull this one together — sorry for the delay!

Meanwhile, since “The New iPad” is now on the streets, I’ve added 2048×2048 to the list of wallpaper sizes I provide when you buy a title. If you’ve already purchased a title or two, follow the instructions in Appendix C of your eBook(s) to get to the wallpaper I’ve put together for you.

If, on the other hand, you haven’t purchased any of the titles yet, what are you waiting for?