Mission Beach sunrise

This is a cleaned up scan of a slide I took in 2000 on Mission Beach in Australia. For a scenic image, it’s got an odd sort of back-story…

Mission Beach sunrise

I took this shot near the end of our honeymoon — but it wasn’t a particularly romantic part of the trip. My wife has a tendency to catch various stuff when we travel, and this was my introduction to the phenomenon. By the time I took this image, she was sick as the proverbial dog — so I got a lot of opportunities for solo walks on the beach. Handy for photography, but obviously not what you really want on your honeymoon.

So I guess I have an ambivalent feeling about the shot — love the clouds, love the waves, sand’s perfect. But it always feels lonely to me.

2 thoughts on “Mission Beach sunrise

  1. yikes.. that kinda sucks.. especially on your honeymoon?! oh well, at least you were able to capture this beautiful scene.. 🙂

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