A Photographer’s Guide to Becán

Becán is a fortified Classic Maya site in the central Yucatán, about a 90 minute drive west of Chetumal and just north of highway 186. The structures open to you are clustered in a fairly compact area surrounded by a moat, and many are still climbable. An ancient stucco sculpture of the Maya Sun god Kinichná is preserved behind glass and yields a good photo with some care.

A Photographer’s Guide to Becán is a comprehensive guide to the ruins, with an eye toward making the photographs you take there the very best they can be.

This eBook will give you:

  • A road map and directions to help you get to the ruins
  • A map of the structures in the ruins
  • Photographic equipment suggestions — what I’d suggest that you take, what you can safely leave at home
  • A description of any photography restrictions at the site
  • Comprehensive descriptions (with images) of the viewable structures at the site, to help you plan your time there
  • Descriptions of on-site facilities (restrooms, water, etc.)
  • Enough historical background to help you make sense of what you see
  • Tips to help you make the best photos you can at the site
  • Exclusive buyer-only access to online supplemental content — links to additional material online, images you can download for computer or iPad wallpaper, and an editable “shot list” with maps and structure images (print it out and carry it along on your visit)

Containing 2 maps, 19 images, and 17 pages of site-specific material (if printed on letter sized paper), this eBook guide costs $2.99. Once you purchase the eBook, write down your password (from Appendix C of the eBook), and head over to the Becán supplemental page for downloadable extras.

Buy the eBook for Kindle at Amazon.com (US store, UK store, DE store, FR store), for Apple devices on iTunes / iBooks, for Nook at Barnes & Noble, and for all other devices at Smashwords.