All the pretty horses

This past Thanksgiving, we made a quick family trip out east to spend a bit of time with some of Mrs. Argos’ relatives. While we were “in the neighborhood,” we swung through the Oglebay Resort’s “Winter Festival of Lights.”

All the pretty horses

Well worth a stop, should you ever find yourself near Wheeling, West Virginia some December…

Enjoying the show

I’ve been delaying this post so I could upload and group a bunch of related images together. Well, enough waiting…


The town we live in (part of the Denver metro area) has a celebration each August called Western Welcome Week (which is actually 10 days long). It started as sort of a homecoming event, an excuse for folks that have moved away to come back to reconnect and visit with their old friends.


It’s since gained a bit of celebratory flavor — a way to remind ourselves that while we’re part of a major urban area, we’re still small-town folks at heart. So part of the shindig is an opening fireworks display — presented in a local park with all the flavor you’d expect from a small-town fireworks show. Come early for the free music, bring a lawn chair or blanket and sit in the grass, close to where the fireworks are getting launched.

Cherry on top

If you pick your spot well, you’ll even catch some silhouettes of other spectators in your pictures!

Enjoying the show

Dude, I’m dragon…

So a few weeks back, when we went to the 10th annual Denver Dragon Boat festival, I made a point of lingering along the path the dragon would take during the opening festivities. Very colorful, not something you see every day — I thought it’d present some interesting photographic opportunities.

Dude, I'm dragon...

So after firing away, taking pictures of the dragon’s passage, I was more than a little surprised myself that I’d captured this shot. One of the dragon’s carriers definitely isn’t too enthused about the whole affair…

Technicolor greenery

On our recent Rocky Mtn. road trip, we spent one night in Great Falls, Montana — just to break up the long drive home. I don’t know about you, but I never would have expected to find a scene like this in Great Falls:

Technicolor greenery

This casino’s parking lot display is lined up along the side of the interstate that cuts through town, in the middle of a cluster of cheap hotels. Big hit with the interstate trucking crowd.

Technicolor greenery, redux